Monday, June 1, 2009

late night remblings

So i'm still pretty confident nobody else is reading this blog so I guess I'm using it as a diary of sorts for myself.

I should be in bed right now but I'm finding it too difficult to switch off for the evening. Having a laptop, a beer and a cigarette at my disposal isn't helping.

June has arrived ... Summer... here we go!

Romeo, Julia und Ich!

What a nice refreshing weekend.
Caught up on Sleep...ahh the joy of sleep.
Caught up on my reading, I finished 'The Little Friend' which was very VERY VERY good! I then took on an old favourite in 'The Commitments' such an easy and entertaining read!
Musically I've been listening to some German bands in order to improve 'Mein Deutsch' seeing as I may be here a little longer than planned.
I'm really liking this band mostly german language group but this video is just beautiful.

THis time last year I worked in an orphanage in central Thailand, it was the experience of my life and this video reflects upon it in so many ways.. .it almost made me cry.