Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sun shining on the Bigots!

So It's that time of year again.... Last time I tuned in I believe Lordi's industrial metal goth rock number 'Hard Rock Hallalujiah' took home the gong! I remeber laughing while imagining a mash-up of it and the lovely Dana's flowery tinkinglings about 'All kinds of Everything'. How much the competition has changed since the days of Johnny Logan and Cliff Richard. 

I'm admittadly, not a huge fan but I do have proud memories of Ireland's Glory Day's as Eurovisions reigning champions. Our winning streak is well and truly o
ver (we didn't even make it through the qualifiers this year). It's a big part of our music history and something embedded in most of our memories, breezy Saturday's in May... glued to the t.v screens watching the votes roll in and listening to Terry Wogan's lilting Irish drawl announce our scores.

This year however, I'm saddened to see that the wonderfully camp and corny eurovion has turned into a platform for bigot's, homophobes and hate filled individuals to express their warped
 opinions. If you can't be gay at Eurovision... all hope is lost! 

Essentially, the music in the contest is getting more and more alternative and open minded as years go on.... and we the poeple are becoming more and more closeted to change.

Bring back Dana International... I'm sure that would scare the pants of Mr Yuri Lushkov!!

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